SMART CITY  national prize

SMART CITY national prize

The H-SMART platform from HELIOS GROUP s.r.o. won the national prize as selected by an expert jury in the category: SMART CITY with a population to 10,000 people! The awards ceremony of the second edition of Chytrá města pro budoucnost 2018 (Smart cities for the future 2018) organised by the SCII – Smart City Innovations Institute – took place during the German-Czech cooperation forum, “Smart City technologies”.

Vít Blaha, the CEO of HELIOS, said while receiving the award:

“We are very excited to have received this award and we are happy that such a unique product as the H-SMART platform was chosen as the winner. It has all the characteristics necessary for a good Smart city platform. It connects businesses and technologies, it’s user-friendly, and creates an excellent introduction to the Smart world for all towns and cities. Within the company and with our partners we have already started working on the next steps in IoT projects, such as LMS STREET for Street lamp, SmartGrids, SmartParking, SmartWasteManagement, which will undoubtedly become the future of Smart City solutions.”

Project:  Sport Hall Svitávka

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